We’ve been locking ourselves away in our cave, hard at work on a Kickstarter for Defects!

This KS will allow us to do a massive print run of Vol. 1, with a higher quality printer than we’ve used before! We’re really excited to bring this to all of you at once in stead of a few books here and there like we’ve done in the past.

The Ks will also have a stretch goal to allow us to fast track the development of Vol. 2.

In the past we’ve paid for the art work through saving money from my paycheck from ‘the day job’ but through combined efforts and a successful Kickstarter for Vol. 1, all of the extra money earned will go directly into fast tracking Defects Vol. 2, with the goal of releasing the entire Vol. 2 in 2016!


Here’s a list of our shows for March!


20-22nd – Heart of Texas con in Waco, Texas
27-29th –  Aggiecon in College station, Texas
April 4-5th – Haven Con in Austin, Texas


We’re excited to see all of you at the shows and we’ll have Defects and Turbulence on hand!



I’m very excited to bring you a look at some of the new artwork and our updated time line for the release of Defects Vol. 1 !

This bad boy will contain the first 5 issues of Defects.


New characters


And new escapes!

The vast majority of the lettering is completed. It will go through a final round of edits and then the last piece missing is the colored pages! All of the line art has been completed, so it won’t be to long before you have it in your hands!

The wait is nearly over!

We’re changing things up in Defects and it’s all for the better! The amazingly talented Kimberly Prichard has taken over Lettering for Defects!

Here’s a small sample of her work and your first look at new Defects page!


Oh Boggey, what are you up to?


Cry Baby showing he isn’t such a cry baby.


That’s it for the moment! Our goal is to have the book finished in time for our May cons, that may not be possible, but we’re giving it our all!

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our comics!

-Chris G.


Amanda recently guest starred in a panel that discussed Women in Comics. They covered vast ranges from Cosplay, Characters and writers/artist in the comic book world!

We had a great time at Space City Con in Galveston, TX this weekend!

Thank you to everybody that came out and supported our books, through our digital downloads and the book its self!

If you encounter any issues with your downloads, please reach out to us at . We haven’t had any issues yet, but we want to make sure we fix any issues you may have!



Miltos Yeromelou, Syrio Forel on Game of Thrones, with his copy of Turbulence!

We’ll see you next week at Austin Comic Con!